Communication is Key, in Any Language !



Our interpreters are carefully vetted, based on their experience and knowledge. They average 10 to more than 25 years of experience in the international arena.

Whether conventions with tens of thousands of attendees or face to face business negotiations, we curate a team of top-quality interpreters in the language/s of your choice.

Simultaneous Interpreting – Commonly practiced during international conventions, conferences and seminars, referred to as UN style. Presenters speak from the stage, and with a few seconds delay interpreters – speaking on their microphones from their booths - interpret the presentation simultaneously, in synch with the presenters.

International audience listens on their headsets.

It involves the use of sound booths, transmitters, equipment, and sound engineers.

Educated in their native countries and the United States, our simultaneous interpreters are familiar with the US business, scientific, medical, technical, political and social environment. They deliver seamless presentations to your international guests, aided by our state-of-the-art equipment and seasoned sound engineers.

Consecutive Interpreting – Used for court proceedings, legal depositions, contract negotiations, or general meetings, it does not necessarily require equipment.

A party speaks for a short period of time, from a couple of sentences to a couple of minutes, then stops. The interpreter takes over and interprets what was just said, then gives back the floor to the speaker, and they alternate back and forth between speaker and interpreter.

Our experienced consecutive interpreters convey the meaning to and from all parties, bridging the cultural communication gap in a smooth and efficient manner.

Chuchotage – An interpreter sits next to an attendee and whispers the interpretation.

Our colleagues are interprètes français anglais, Japanese interpreters, Chinese Interpreters, Russian translators, traductores de inglés español, German interpreters, Italian interpreters, Dutch translators, Estonian interpreters…