Live Tanslation from Cross Talk USA

Our translators hold at a minimum an Associate Degree in their native countries
and/or the U.S. They are professionals committed to their craft.

Whether technical, medical, IT, legal, promotional, or general literature, your
materials are assigned to a translator according to their area of expertise.
Consequently, your documents, manuals, and brochures are not only translated
with the highest degree of accuracy, they also come across as if originally written
in the language you are targeting.

We do our utmost to ensure a fast turnaround for your translations, with no impact
on quality. From start to finish, the coordinator in charge of your project makes sure the process moves along at the right speed to meet your deadline.

The following, although not an exhaustive list, describes the scope of our translation services.


Legal Contracts

Medical Documents


Training Materials

Promotional Literature

Technical Manuals

Tape Transcription

Marketing Programs