Regardless of size, from face to face business negotiations to 100,000 people
conventions, we bring the same level of dedication to your meeting, and put
together a team of top quality interpreters in the language/s of your choice.
Our interpreters average from 5 to more than 25 years of experience in the
international arena, from North to South America, from Europe to Asia.

Simultaneous - Educated in their native countries and/or the United States,
our top level simultaneous interpreters are familiar with the US business
environment. They deliver seamless presentations to your international guests,
aided by our state of the art equipment and seasoned sound engineers.

Consecutive - In the course of high level contract negotiations, arduous legal
depositions or general meetings, our experienced consecutive interpreters
bridge the cultural communication gap in a smooth and efficient manner,
thus contributing to more productive meetings.

Following are some examples of the various areas where we frequently apply
our language expertise.





  Legal Depositions

Business Negotiations