Our state of the art equipment covers both FM and InfraRed systems from
companies such as Sony, Drake, Williams Sound, Audio Teknika and Phillips.
These system configurations enable us to provide top quality services in the
interpreting and assistive listening markets.

Our ISO 4043 compliant, professionally designed and built custom sound booths,
offer spacious design and sound insulation conducive to a quiet work environment.
The resulting performance is second to none, delivering crystal clear sound to your
audience and international attendees. Their sophisticated modular configurations
permit easier assembly and strike as well as mobility and convenient handling.

Our seasoned sound engineers have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience working in international convention centers and concert halls. They are familiar with all aspects of broadcasting in a closed environment, including audio frequencies, system capabilities and relay. They constantly monitor audio signal level and clarity to ensure maximum listening comfort for your international guests.